About Us

China­Australia Mind Education Group is the first international education in Australia for education and cultural exchanges between international education providers. It headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with offices in Beijing.

China­Australia Mind Education, with advanced concept of international education, a first-class team of teachers, professionals and educational activities, services teachers and students between Australia and China. It aims at establishing a global vision for the students, deepening their cultural awareness, and strengthening their planning capacity, to cultivate future talents with international comprehensive quality.

At present the main business includes:

The winter and summer camps to experience overseas study in Australia for students;

Chinese Culture Experience Tour in China;

Overseas teacher training for Primary and Secondary school teachers;

The leadership project for outstanding students in primary and secondary schools in China and Australia, etc.

These projects are designed for different groups to help teachers and students in China and Australia to find their potential and improve their own quality through the appropriate way, to lead them to become future international intercultural scholars, professional educators, and potential leaders.