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How Is The Presence Of Digital Course

In the traditional classroom, research indicates that digital course enhances instructional delivery and the classroom experience. As online learning continues to grow significantly, various efforts have been explored and implemented in order to improve the instructional experiences of students. It is convenient that you can study anywhere and everywhere you go in an online learning classroom. China-Australia Mind Education Group online teachers are caring, dedicated educators who are excited to work at a school where they are able to focus on helping individual students flourish. An online class session will be one teacher to one student or to a group of students or a classroom.

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Study Process

Register, create personal profile and test your level.

Make your own learning time schedule, pay for your course.

Get your earphone and laptop, iPad or phone ready.

Start your class with your foreign teacher.

Give marks to your teacher.


Make your learning full of fun and more efficiency

We'll match the most suitable teacher to students according to their language level, hobbies, and occupation. In order to ensure the quality learning experience, students would encourage to give marks after each lesson to the teacher and also the content.

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Purely Foreign Teacher

To creating a pure English learning environment to help students open their mouth and speak words out. Through speaking more accurate and fluent in a full course, students' confidence can be built up.

Anytime Anywhere

Each lesson is 25 minutes. Effectively utilise your fragmented time to become a better yourself. Easy to consist of short and frequent course schedule.

1 vs 1

Say goodbye to a big classroom. Pay your money and time more worthy.


People always have their own concerns about learning English.

Busy life and working schedule, own no extra time on learning. 
There is no effective learning way, always feel bored.
Worried about can not insist on, it will give up half way.
Concerning about foreign teachers’ teaching quality and professional degree, it would be waste time and money at the end.

Why do we spend 16 years in school still cannot say it out, what else can we do?

We use Chinese to learn English, even spending another 16 years wouldn't make us better. we recite large sum of vocabularies, grammars, and clauses, while we still cannot use English well as our mother tongue, Chinese. The simple truth is that we cannot use Chinese to learn English just like learn swimming but standing on the ground. Hence, we need to create a real English language environment.

Why Choose Digital Courses?

Students love a rich online learning experience because teachers in China-Australia Mind Education Group have intensive training in online teaching. They understand the best way to inspire and engage students online, are exceptionally proficient at using our technology, and understand the best way to get the most out of our powerful online tools.

How easy is it?

Studying online is technically easy and fantastic for convenience. You never have to turn up to a class in person. Literally, you can study wherever and whenever it suits (e.g. on the bus or in bed). China-Australia Mind Education Group online digital courses come in 3 Packages (Individual, Group, and Classroom). For more information about the packages, click here.

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