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If you are worried about catching up when you have fallen behind the learning contents compare with others in group study or class study, join the personal training.

And if you cannot organize your time to join in a group study, join in personal training. It’s more convenient and flexible. Also if you want to speed up Digital Course, you will just need to inform us.

For the need of more chatting practice: If you require more time to improve your English oral or chatting skills, personal trainers would be more suitable for you.

Our Digital Course individual life English is targeting people who do not have any English learning experience and to the experienced learner with different levels. There are four levels of life English from starter to intermediate. The four levels covered most of the daily communication language, which contains in areas of hobbies, sports, industry, business, finance, shopping, traveling, etc. According to people have their learning pace, a number of levels would like to complete and speed of study progress will depend on individuals.

Following tables are the lists of the four level live English topics:

UNIT 1 It’s nice to meet you.
UNIT 2 What’s this?
UNIT 3 Where are you from?
UNIT 4 Whose jeans are these
UNIT 5 What are your doing?
UNIT 6 My sister works downtown.
UNIT 7 Does it have a view?
UNIT 8 What do you do?
UNIT 9 Do we need any eggs?
UNIT 10 What sports do you play?
UNIT 11 What are you going to do?
UNIT 12 What’s the matter?
UNIT 13 You can’t miss it.
UNIT 14 Did you have fun?
UNIT 15 Where did you grow up?
UNIT 16 Can she call you later?
UNIT 1 Please call me Beth.
UNIT 2 What do you do?
UNIT 3 How much is it?
UNIT 4 I really like hip-hop.
UNIT 5 I come from a big family.
UNIT 6 How often do you exercise?
UNIT 7 We had a great time!
UNIT 8 What’s your neighborhood like?
UNIT 9 What does she look like?
UNIT 10 Have you ever ridden a camel?
UNIT 11 It’s a very exciting place!
UNIT 12 It really works!
UNIT 13 May I take your order?
UNIT 14 The biggest and the Best!
UNIT 15 I’m going to a soccer match.
UNIT 16 A change for the better!
1  A time to remember (People, childhood, Memories)
2  Caught in the rush (Transportation, transportation problems, city services)
3  Time for a change! (Houses and apartments, lifestyle changes, wishes)
4  I’ve never heard of that! (Food, Recipes, Instructions, Cooking methods)
5 Going places (Travel, vacations, plans)
6  OK. No problem! (Household chores, requests, excuses apologies)
7  What’s this for? (Technology, instruction)
8  Let’s celebrate! (Holidays, festivals, Customs, celebrations)
9  Back to the future
10 I don’t like working on weekends!
11  It’s really worth seeing!
12  It could happen to you!
13  Good book, terrible movie!
14  So that’s what it means!
15  What would you do?
16  What’s your excuse?
UNIT 1 That’s what friends are for!
UNIT 2 Career moves
UNIT 3 Could you do me a favor?
UNIT 4 What a story!
UNIT 5 Crossing cultures
UNIT 6 What’s wrong with it?
UNIT 7 The world we live in
UNIT 8 Lifelong learning
UNIT 9 Improvements
UNIT 10 The past and the future
UNIT 11 Life’s little lessons
UNIT 12 The right stuff
UNIT 13 That’s a possibility
UNIT 14 Behind the scenes
UNIT 15 There should be a law!
UNIT 16 Challenges and accomplishments

Sample class model:

Unit 1- It’s nice to meet you 

Number of sessions to complete this unit depends on individual’s learning pace and English level.

In this unit, the teacher will cover the following content, alphabet, greetings and leave-takings, names and titles of address, numbers 0-10, phone numbers, and e-mail address.

During these two lessons, activities will include speaking practice with group mates or teachers such as introducing yourself and asking for friend’s names and phone numbers.

In the grammar part, the teacher will indicate students what are possessive adjectives such as my, your and his, the verb be and affirmative statements and contractions.

Specific professional area: If you are targeting to improve English in a certain professional area which relates to your occupation, personal specific English course can be requested, just contact us.

Digital Course English Advance

According to individual package, we offer specific models for a specific student. Different students have different English language levels and vary demand from the course.

Hospitality English

As people who working in the hospitality industry, good English listening and talking skill is very important to communicate with customers from worldwide.

our course covered the area of reception, housekeeping, restaurant and other administrative departments.

Airline Stewardess English

To become an airline stewardess is many young lady’s dreams, while there were about 85% of people fail to step in this industry because of their English.

Our course focuses on stewardess’s daily work content and interview content to improve your English comprehensively.

Business English

This course focus on people who is working in the business relative industry such as marking, commerce, and finance. Besides developing their professional business English expressions, it is targeting to widen their views about doing business with western by case study.

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