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Teaching English in China is Unforgettable Experience

Teach English in China and experience a culture quite different from your own with ideas that set you in the middle of the world’s earliest civilization. Add teaching expertise to your resume and bring an original perspective to developing communities well off the beaten path in rural China or dive into the bustle of a fast growing city like Chongqing or Shanghai. The sights and variety of encounters in China are almost as boundless as the nation itself.

Teach abroad in China, and you can:

  • Be the lead teacher in your own classroom and give your Chinese pupils the English language abilities they’ll need in their own future professions
  • Experience China’s conventional holidays, try exotic cuisine or attend an early morning tai chi lessons
  • Travel through historical landscapes in a lush countryside of terraced rice paddies
  • Strengthen your curriculum vitae by obtaining teaching expertise and learning Chinese while you experience this fast growing economy
  • Prepare for a globalized future by learning the distinctive styles of Chinese networking and exchange.

What does teaching English in China require?

Today, China is in a great need of foreigner teachers. Indeed, some schools are so determined to get them that being a foreigner is the only one condition to be employed.

What does the teaching English in China really look like?

Your working hours and manner of teaching Chinese students depend on a lot on their age, kind of school you work in and teaching materials you’re supplied with.
What’s the lifestyle like living in China?

There’s always something new happening every day. You try new food, you meet new people and you learn a new language that is much simpler to understand than you might think. You may never get bored in China and there’s also something to find and get comfortable with. As a result of this job, which certainly stresses free, you can appreciate China encounter daily by traveling to different states, making new friends with Chinese and working a lot at the same time.

It is simple to keep yourself occupied with weekend excursions to Hong Kong or Beijing and researching positions everyday voyagers aren’t really knowledgeable about. Life is easily filled with thrill and happiness.

What did your free time seem like living in China?

When you are away working during the day, you can share your own China experience by blogging it to inspire others. Also, meet Chinese friends to have a lunch and dinner, visit local KTVs (Chinese karaoke), ride on bikes to stroll around in Dongguan Songshan Lake and study the Chinese language. When weekends or national bank holidays come and you have more than 2-3 days off work, pack your bags and go explore some unknown parts of China. There are many things to do in China during your free time.

Traveling in China may sound fun, pick up one destination, ready your camera, take a train and begin another unforgettable China experience. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage tourists spot which includes the Floating Zhangjiajie Mountains, breathtaking Yangshuo River or undiscovered by everyday travelers Fenghuang. It’s all about the journey and having an excellent time.

Overall, China is an excellent country to live abroad for a year. Link with excited and enthusiastic students, research a significantly different culture and learn the world’s most in-demand language all while supporting yourself with an excellent job.

Hopefully, these tips made you a little more comfy with the thought of moving to China. While going across the world can be a little a change, a year teaching in China will be an experience you will never forget!

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March 29, 2017
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