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Top Ten Reasons to Consider Working in China

China might seem like a daunting place for people looking to move abroad, but in reality, China is a fascinating and fast-paced rapidly changing country. Considered as one of the oldest civilizations and has a thousand years of history, China becomes more of a global powerhouse. Despite having advanced technology and modernization, old customs and habits hang on. Today, modern skyscrapers are being built every second and people from around the world travel and move there.

Extraordinary Economic Opportunities

Certainly, you’ve learned about China’s unbelievable economic development in the news. It’s all accurate. The Chinese are becoming richer by the minute with enormous skyscrapers being built around the area and Chinese citizens proudly walking the roads with their Gucci and other luxury brands handbags.

This is an excellent news for expats with more jobs and more demand for anyone ambitious enough to give it go.

A Lavish Lifestyle For Less

A great flat in the middle of Beijing city can cost as little as $550 per month. Though wages are lower, you can live quite comfortably for less than $1,500 a month.

A huge, tasty and filling Chinese meal, for instance, can cost as little as $1.50, so saving cash is simple and eating out every night is a regular part of living in China.

Learning the Chinese Language Is Simpler than You Might Imagine!

Learning basic Mandarin is really quite simple! The grammar is a lot easier than learning English, French or German language.

No doubt it’s going to take many years until you can hold a philosophical conversation about Confucius but if you’re able to get some basic Mandarin, you’ll be chatting away very quickly.

Remarkable Kindness

At first, you might get the feeling the Chinese appear a little indifferent. On the contrary, once you’ve been introduced, you’ll meet a number of the kindest and most gracious people in the world.

Your Chinese friends will do everything possible to make certain you feel welcome and happy while staying in China. This could get somewhat difficult, yet, when they present their friendship through some really delightful culinary dishes!

Excellent Social Life

The large cities offer a 24-hour lifestyle with a great choice of restaurants, pubs, and clubs if you’re searching for a good nightlife outside.

You’ll also find a lively cultural scene: excellent theater, rock concerts, art exhibitions, opera, ballet. Your biggest issue will soon be finding the time to fit it all in.

Familiarity from the West

Everything western and recognizable to you is there if you would like it. On arrival in China people are frequently shocked by how western it is, given their assumptions.

In some specific regions, you’ll find yourself surrounded by western stores, burger fast food chains, Italian restaurants, and theaters; you may be in any cosmopolitan city in the world except it’s all a bit more affordable!

Outstanding Travel Destinations

China is staggeringly amazing. Some incredible travel destinations in China includes: trekking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunan, floating down the Li River in Guilin, horseriding on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, camel racing in the Gobi Desert, visiting Buddhist monasteries on snow tipped mountains in Tibet. It truly unbelievable!


One thing is for sure – you’ll feel safe walking the streets. The crime rate is lower and rare and it’s unlikely that you’ll find any fights, muggings or thieving unless it’s amongst the expats!

Fantastic Food

There are eight distinct regional cuisines in China. Whether you’re an adventuresome diner thrilled to try 1000-year eggs and pickled duck feet, or a little more conservative, you’re ensured to discover a huge variety of dishes to match your palate.

The Chinese take immense pride in their food.

Accessible To Other Countries in Asia

China is a fantastic base for your Asian countries travel experience. From Beijing travel to the northwest for only one hour to visit Seoul, South Korea, three hours west to visit Tokyo, Japan, four hours south to visit Manila, Philippines or Bangkok and five hours to visit Singapore.

Your Asia exploration awaits!

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April 3, 2017
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