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China­-Australia Mind Education Group is the first international education in Australia for education and cultural exchanges.

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China­-Australia Mind Education, with advanced concept of international education, a first-class team of teachers, professionals and educational activities, services teachers and students between Australia and China. It aims at establishing a global vision for the students, deepening their cultural awareness, and strengthening their planning capacity, to cultivate future talents with international comprehensive quality.



Winter and Summer Camps to Experience Overseas Study

To realize your dreams of studying abroad by virtue of a vacation! Immerse in the world’s famous universities to experience the atmosphere of Australian classrooms; go into the Australian families to experience the diverse cultures in Australia; be personally on the scene to get the edification of pure English language environment; feel the beautiful scenery and cultural customs in Australia and reap foreign friendship…


Chinese Culture Experience Tour

China is located in the northern part of the equator, with a history of five thousand years, it has both long­standing cultural heritage and new international metropolises. It has majestic mountains and beautiful rivers, and a wide variety of cuisine that is more than you can attend to; people there are as smart and kind as you but speak a different language. Come and listen to its story and feel its charm, to look for the vicissitudes it once experienced and to find the Chinese miracle taking place there today.


Overseas Teacher Training For Primary And Secondary School Teachers

Participate in the teacher training projects of Queensland education system in Australia; learn the second language teaching methods of Australian education experts; train the teachers’ with English thinking and expression by understanding the history and culture of Western countries; visit local schools in Australia and gain personalized language development in English “micro­classroom”; advanced educational concepts, the latest educational technology, and an all­around comprehensive overseas experience opportunity.


Students' Leadership

What is leadership? Leadership is not a concept, not knowledge, not a technology, but a type of action, wisdom and courage. As to how to cultivate a future leader, middle school students’ leadership special training will provide a scientific mode. Middle school students’ leadership special training will provide the best leadership qualities promotion opportunity for each student through special trainings on many aspects of abilities of the student. Since ancient times, many heroes have made extraordinary achievements at very early age, and the victor of the future world may be among them.