Australian International Music Festival


Australian International Music Festival

$ 3730 AUD / Person
Itinerary Category:  Themed Study Camp
Days: 12 Days
Reservation time: Book 2-3 months in advance

Day 1

  • Depart from Home Country, fly to Sydney, Australia’s largest city.

Day 2

  • Meet your festival supervisor after arriving at Sydney.
  • Check in to a three-star hotel, tour the city, rehearse and adjust, prepare for the festival.
  • Attend the official reception dinner and festival opening concert.

Day 3

  • Enjoy a workshop with orchestra from another country in the festival, compare notes and exchange music experience.
  • Rehearsal in the Centennial Hall in Sydney Town Hall
  • Rehearse and adjust, prepare for the music festival

Day 4

  • Visit the Sydney Zoo and see the unique animals of Australia
  • Rehearse then perform formally at Sydney Recital Hall in Angel Place (performances are assessed by the judges)

Day 5

  • Rehearse at Sydney Opera House
  • Perform formally at the Sydney Opera House (performances are assessed by the judges) (open to the public)
  • Group activities + your free time

Day 6

  • Participate in the rehearsal of the major performance with the entire choirs
  • Visit the Rocks in Sydney

Day 7

  • Enjoy the performances of participating choirs from other countries
  • Group activities + your free time
  • Perform at St.  James Church

Day 8

  • Take a luxury cruise to see the beautiful views of Sydney Harbour, Sydney
  • Opera House and Harbour Bridge
  • Darling Harbour Deluxe Cruise Dinner Party
  • Rehearsal of the royal performing team and chorus performed by entire group are held at the Sydney Town Hall, then followed with a closing ceremony and a farewell party

Day 9

  • Fly to the state of sunshine
  • Take one of the World’s fastest elevators, arrive at Q1, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Standing on the top floor observation deck and get a stunning 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Surfers Paradise, experience the long white beach and the crystal blue sea.

Day 10

  • Dreamworld theme park
  • This is a place that fulfill all your imaginations. It has the wildest amusement park, the most attractive wildlife zoo, the second largest koala habitat in the world. Cuddle koalas and feed kangaroos, everything here is more amazing and incredible than the real world.

Day 11

  • Brisbane city tour
  • Sightseeing + shopping
  • Farewell dinner

Day 12

  • Return to Home Country, draw a full stop to the joyful Australian trip
  • Arrive at your lovely home safely


$3730 AUD per person ¥31900 人民币/人

Fees include:

  1.  Three Australian International Music Festivals Shows;
  2.  Accommodation fee;
  3.  Meals;
  4. Excursion activities fees;
  5.  Australian local transportation fees;
  6.  Workshop;
  7.  One recording of an indoor performance;
  8.  Access to all festival events and converts;
  9.  Festival Closing Party;
  10.  Trophy or Certificate;
  11.  Australian bilingual group leaders;
  12.  Festival T-Shirt, Festival Program, Sticker; Photos
    and Australian characteristic presents.

Fees do not include:

  1. International return flight tickets;
  2. Visa application;
  3.  Australian domestic flight tickets;
  4.  International insurance fees;
  5.  Passport fees;
  6. Personal expenditures.


  1. 演出费;
  2. 开幕欢迎晚宴和闭幕告别派对;
  3. 住宿费;
  4. 餐饮费;
  5. 活动费;
  6. 澳洲本地交通费;
  7. 澳大利亚国际音乐节官方纪念版体恤和纪念贴画;
  8. 演出CD;
  9. 纪念匾;
  10. 澳大利亚国际音乐节VIP通票权;
  11. 国际往返机票费用;
  12. 澳洲国内机票费用;
  13. 国际保险费;
  14. 签证费用;
  15. 每团数名澳方中英双语领队老师24小时随行;
  16. 毕业集体照和澳洲特色礼物。


  1. 护照费用;
  2. 个人消费。


  • The Australian International Music Festival provides an eventful showcase stage for artists from all over the world, with music performances and competition exchanges as the subject of the festival.
  • At the same time, each team gets the opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by well-known musicians to help you climb up on the way of mastering music and professional development.
  • The Australian International Music Festival provides your team with quality learning and exchange platforms and opportunities. Your team will have the opportunity to perform at the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, one of the top performing venues in the world. In addition to the Sydney Opera House, performers will also get the opportunity to perform in Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Recital Hall in Angel Place, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Darling Harbour and other well-known venues.
  • During the Australian International Music Festival, the top three winners will be awarded by world-class musical judges with a strong lineup. This rare experience will draw a highlight in the musical journey of each performer, and it will also be an excellent opportunity for every team to raise its profile internationally. At the end of the festival, each team will receive a valuable CD that records its wonderful performances.
  • ENSEMBLES: Youth and Adult Orchestras, Wind Bands, and Choirs will be selected by audition to perform on stage at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall and other superb venues. Jazz Ensembles perform at the Sydney Town Hall or Angel Pace City Recital Hall rather than the Opera House.
  • ACCEPTANCE: In order to ensure a quality experience, the festival is generally limited to a maximum number of participating groups. Groups that are denied entry based on available festival capacity will be given first priority in the following year.
  • VENUES: Sydney Opera House, Angel Place City Recital Hall, Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, St Andrew’s Cathedral, and Darling Harbour.
  • FACULTY: Dr. Ralph Hultgren is the Festival Artistic Director. Other faculty members a typically Heads of Departments, University directors, Presidents of Musical Organizations and leaders in their field.
  • AWARDS: The festival jury will award each ensemble Gold, Silver, or Bronze plaques based on the adjudicated concert performance. A Participant Award category is offered for groups that do not wish to compete.
  • STATUS: accepting applications for 2019 and 2020

Tips and Declaration

  • Application should be made at least 12 school weeks prior to the Study Tour. However, it is recommended to lodge your application 4-6 months in advance.
    For example:
    Study Tour Jan/Feb 2020: Application lodged by July 2019.
    Study Tour Jul/Aug 2020: Application lodged by Jan 2020.
  • The above itinerary is for reference only. Final schedule will be confirmed by the Study Tour Manual. In case of actual flight sequence adjustment, flight delay, weather cause, natural disaster or other force majeure, the actual tour schedule will be adjusted.
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