Happy Family Camp


Happy Family Camp

$6200 AUD / Family (One Adult & One Child)
Itinerary Category:  Family Camp
Days: 12 Days
Reservation time: Book 2-3 months in advance

Day 1 | Kids & Parents

  • Gather at the International Airport in Home Country and fly to the gorgeous Sydney of Australia.
  • Meals: In-flight meals
  • Accommodation: In-flight

Day 2 | Kids & Parents

  • Theme: The Sydney Opera House in your eyes
  • Morning: Parents and children stroll through the tree-lined Hyde Park and visit Australia’s oldest religious building, St. Mary’s Cathedral.
    (Family activity: park roaming and tracking)
  • Noon: Option
    1. Sydney Fish Market Option
    2. Sydney Harbour Cruise with lunch buffet
    3. Seafood lunch buffet in the 309 meters tall Sydney Tower revolving restaurant.
    (Family activity: look for the words together)
  • Afternoon: Visit the world-famous university, Sydney University, then stroll on the beautiful Bondi Beach.
  • Meals:  Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Sydney Hotel
  • Accommodation: Melbourne Hotel

Day 3 | Kids & Parents

  • Morning: Visit the Circular Quay and Sydney Opera House. Enjoy the posters and performances in Sydney Opera House. Visit the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Rocks.
  • Afternoon: Fly to Gold Coast and stay in the Top One farm.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Farm Hotel

Day 4 | Kids & Parents

  • Theme: Experience Australian farm life
  • Morning: Watch the farm show, shearing, Billy Tea Show, sheep mustering, Boomerang throwing, cow milking and other performances, taste the freshest and natural Australian milk. Learn about wildlife.
    Take a family horse riding course.
    (Family activity: collecting wool)
  • Afternoon: Parents and children go to the country club to take part in a golf match.
    Let the professional coach explain and demonstrate the rules of golf for parents and children. Learn about the rules, skills and how to swing. After that, parents and children take part in a game, through which children can develop their knowledge and interest in golf.
  • Dusk: Participate in a discovery journey for kangaroos, parents drive their children on golf carts to chase kangaroos and look for wildlife
    (Koala, Parrot, teal, red snapper, lizard).
    Farm workers explain the habits of wild kangaroos.
  • Evening: Join the farm campfire party, gaze at the stars and the Milky way.
    (Family activity: little astronomer.)
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Farm Hotel

Day 5 | Kids & Parents

  • Theme: Experience Australian farm life and golden beaches
    Morning: Spend time on the main beach of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.
  • Experience the beautiful sunshine, golden beaches, blue water, romantic palm trees and other subtropical beauty. Pick up the small shovel and play with your children, travel back to the innocent childhood together.
  • Afternoon: Head to Brisbane by coach.
    (Family activity: collecting sand from the beach)
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Apartment Hotel

Day 6


  • Lesson 1: Attend reception at the Australian school.
  • Lesson 2: Campus tour, meeting with the principal, welcome banquet—Australian morning tea
  • Lesson 3: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students. 
  • Lesson 4: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.


  • Morning: We will learn about the history of the land at the Queensland State Museum and enjoy the works of famous Australian artists at the Queensland Art Gallery. At South Bank Parklands, the original venue of the 1988 World Expo, we enjoy leisure time with the local people and experience the city’s smiles. Afternoon: Cross Victoria Bridge and arrive at the Queen Street Mall-the shopping centre of Brisbane’s CBD. There are a lot of shops in this street and you can select a wide variety of goods. After that, we will go to City Hall in Brisbane, which was built between 1920 and 1930 and is already listed as one of Australia’s cultural heritage sites. Go to the beautiful Kangaroo Point, enjoy Brisbane’s panoramic view. Climb down the cliff and get close to Brisbane’s mother river.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Apartment Hotel

Day 7


  • Lesson 1: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.
  • Lesson 2: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.
  • Lesson 3: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.
  • Lesson 4: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.


  • Shop for souvenirs in the largest shopping center on the Gold Coast—Pacific Fair or Harbour Town.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Apartment Hotel

Day 8


  • Lesson 1: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.
  • Lesson 2: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.
  • Lesson 3: Study in the Australian elite private school with local students.
  • Lesson 4: Attend the graduation ceremony and receive a certificate from the elite private school in Australia.


  • Join a lecture on Australian families, learn about Australian real estates, health products and education system.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Apartment Hotel

Day 9 | Kids & Parents

  • Theme: National Treasure of Australia and family challenge.
  • Morning: Go to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is filled with lush native plants and has a variety of wildlife. Giving you a chance to get close to the plants and animals in this wonderful holiday season. The reserve is devoted to letting people understand the nature and the importance of animal and plant protection through interesting animal shows. You can play with more than 1400 species of Australia’s unique animals and more than 100 free-range Kangaroos. If time permits, you will have the opportunity to watch the Rainbow Parrot feeding, the bird flying show, the sheep shearing show, the amphibian show and the only Australian aboriginal show on the Gold Coast .You will have a free contact with cute animals .
  • Afternoon: Go to treetop adventure park. Everyone has gone climbing, but you don’t walk around treetops. You can climb from one tree to another. Above the ground 20-30 meters, slide nearly 100 meters and enjoy the sense of freedom in the wind. 3-year-old children will be okay to play. Even with the delicate ladies, they can make it. There are high-level routes. Strong arms are of great help to this treetop adventure. Wearing the suitable gloves will make you more comfortable.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Apartment Hotel

Day 10 | Kids & Parents

  • 30 kilometres away from Australia’s sunshine city Brisbane, lies the beautiful home of wild dolphins, the world’s third largest sand island – Morton Island. There are around 600-800 wild dolphins living throughout the year in the Morton Island waters. Everyday after dusk, a group of wild dolphins will be waiting for tourists, besides Morton Island resembles the shape of a bottle-nose dolphin, that’s how it gained the name of Dolphin Island. Clever dolphins, giant whales and all sorts of other sea life live happily on this beautiful utopia.
  • Morning: Arrive at the Morton Island after a 75 minutes boat trip, a local Chinese staff will make a welcome speech and introduce the programs of the entire itinerary.
  • Afternoon: A desert off-road trip. Take a 4WD bus tour to the vast desert to experience the exhilarating sand tobogganing. Accomplish your desert off-road trip, meet Tangalooma’s wild dolphin family members.
    Dusk: Feed the wild dolphins with your own hands. When the sun goes down, the superstars on Morton Island—wild dolphins come home for dinner! The wild dolphins are craving for the fish in your hands, have you fed wild dolphins from such a close distance? This will be an once in a lifetime experience you will never forget.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Morton Island Hotel

Day 11 | Brisbane

  • Morning: Ecological Ocean Lecture: Meet the Mermaid Dougy and his family and friends. Get to know the sea turtles, whales and stingrays that live in the marine reserve area of Moreton Bay. Then, watch the eco rangers feed the pelicans and other seabirds.
  • Afternoon: Look for the trail of aboriginals-ecological treasure hunt. Explore the connection between aboriginals and nature, go into the island jungle to look for edible plants and understand the uses of different plants and trees.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Day 12 | Brisbane to Home

  • Kids and Parents: Farewell to Brisbane, head to the airport, complete the happy family study tour!
  • Meals: In-Flight Meals
  • Accommodation: In-flight


$6200 AUD per Family (One Adult & One Family) ¥26900 人民币/人 10-19位家长
¥29900 人民币/人 10-19个学生

The fee includes:

  1.  Australian school’s tuition
  2.  Accommodation fee
  3.  Meals
  4.  Activities fees
  5.  Australian local transportation fees
  6.  Australian school graduation certificates costs
  7.  Australian bilingual group leaders
  8.  Graduation group photos and Australian characteristic presents

The fee doesn’t include:

  1.  International return flight tickets
  2.  Visa application
  3.  Australian domestic flight tickets
  4.  International insurance fees
  5.  Passport fees
  6.  Personal expenditures


  1. 学费;
  2. 住宿费;
  3. 餐饮费;
  4. 活动费;
  5. 澳洲本地交通费;
  6. 澳洲当地学校毕业证书费用;
  7. 农场、海豚岛研学基地证书费用;
  8. 国际往返机票费用;
  9. 澳洲国内机票费用;
  10. 中国国内交通费;
  11. 国际保险费;
  12. 签证费和签证服务费;
  13. 澳洲中英双语领队老师费用;
  14. 亲子纪念手册、照片集和澳洲特色礼物袋。


  1. 护照费用;
  2. 个人消费。


  • Family journey starts from here:
    Rich family cultural tours and recreational activities, promote family emotional interaction, make up for the lack of companionship, and spend a memorable time with children abroad.
  • Get a Feel of the urban culture:
    Enjoy the bustling of Sydney, live and study in Brisbane, enjoy the blue ocean and sky in Surfers Paradise of Gold Coast.
  • Experience Australian style:
    Arrive in colorful Australia, get a close encounter with koalas and kangaroos, feed the wild dolphins, experience a family treetop adventure and feel the harmonious life between human and nature.
  • Understand Australian education:
    Children are enrolled in Australian private schools and study with the local students while parents can experience the Australian educational environment in all respects.

Tips and Declaration

  • Application should be made at least 12 school weeks prior to the Family Camp. However, it is recommended to lodge your application 4-6 months in advance.
    For example:
    Family Camp Jan/Feb 2020: Application lodged by July 2019.
    Family Camp Jul/Aug 2020: Application lodged by Jan 2020.
  • The above itinerary is for reference only. Final schedule will be confirmed by the Study Tour Manual. In case of actual flight sequence adjustment, flight delay, weather cause, natural disaster or other force majeure, the actual tour schedule will be adjusted.
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