Happy Study Tour on the Australian East Coast

You will have close contact with the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Island, the Ocean Park and the tropical rainforest with zero-distance.

Happy Study Tour on the Australian East Coast

You will have close contact with the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Island, the Ocean Park and the tropical rainforest with zero-distance; come into the Australian families with zero-distance; you will be enrolled in mainstream schools or authentic international institutions of Australia; experience the diverse culture in Australia; visit the Top 100 global universities.

Day 1 | Beijing

Travel by Plane

  • Fly to Sydney
  • Gather at Beijing international airport and fly to beautiful Sydney of Australia.
Day 2 | Sydney

Sydney Tours

  • Arrive in Sydney
  • Morning: Arrive in Sydney, Australia’s largest city.
  • Afternoon: A tour in the world famous Sydney to appreciate its prosperity and charm.
  • Visit the 130 years old Sydney Town Hall, Queen Victoria Building(Q.V.B), the statue of the Queen of England, the circular quay in Sydney, and Australia Performing Arts Center. You also have an opportunity to visit “Sydney Opera House” which is also called the sail roof theater in the sea. If you also want to know the world’s first single hole arch bridge, you will see Sydney Harbor Bridge today which is an early Australian architectural masterpiece. It would be a great experience to wander around the “Hyde Park”, and visit Australia’s oldest religious buildings­­ the “St. Mary’s Church”. At last, you will have a good time in” Oxford University in Southern Hemisphere” – the University of Sydney.
Day 3 | Sydney

Visit the Blue Mountains National Park

  • On foot
  • Enjoy the scenery of “Blue Mountains National Park” which is a world-famous natural heritage.
  • Here, you will see the oil droplets volatilized by the eucalyptus oil present blue light after refraction, and hence it gets its name as the Blue Mountains. No matter in a misty or a sunny weather, the Blue Mountains is always enclosed by a light blue layer and looks extremely beautiful and mysterious. You can take the world’s “90 degree parallel cable car” go deep into the Blue Mountains to walk slowly in the tropical rainforest. Finally, you can take the “skyway cable car” to go across the primeval valleys and stunning waterfalls to arrive at the world-renowned “Three Sisters Peaks”. Return to Sydney in the afternoon to visit the “Sydney 2000 Olympic Village”.
Day 4 | Canberra

Canberra Tours

  • Take a bus ride.
  • You will take a bus ride to Canberra, capital of Australia after breakfast, and tour the scenery of the capital, visit the “New Parliament House” which is one of the world’s most famous buildings costing a billion of Australian dollars, enjoy the view of the artificial lake-Lake Burley Griffin which is more than 20 kilometers’ long, and after that you will go to visit Australian National University and tour the “embassy district”, the “High Court of Justice” and “National Museum of Australia” located in the Yarralumla District, and every place there will show you how extraordinary this city is.
Day 5 | Cairns

Cairns Tours

  • Arrive in Cairns
  • Morning: You will be taken to the school in Cairns and participate in the welcome party of the school and get a comprehensive understanding of the study tour.
  • Afternoon: Tour the downtown of Cairns to feel the coastal life in Cairns.

Australian Homestay Experience

  • Evening: Meet with the long-anticipated homestay parents and spend your first strange and fresh night with the Australian native family.
Day 6 | Cairns

International English Course

  • On foot
  • International English Course
  • Introduce Australia’s traditional customs and living environment.
Day 7 | Cairns

Australian classroom experience

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: Go to Australian mainstream school and interact with Australian buddies to experience the study in true Australian classroom.

International English Course

  • Afternoon: International English Course
  • Exchange the experience of life in China and in Australia.
Day 8 | Cairns

International English Course

  • Take a bus ride.
  • International English Course
  • Learn how to communicate with peers and share life experience and hobbies with Australian students.
Day 9 | Cairns

International English Course

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: International English Course
  • The introduction of Australian outdoor camping activities and how to actively participate in camping activities.

JCU Aquarium

  • Afternoon: Visit the JCU Aquarium.
Day 10 | Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Tours

  • Experience the most authentic Australian lifestyle.
  • Go for a one-day tour at the Great Barrier Reef in Green Island of Cairns together with the homestay and spent a wonderful weekend together to experience the Australian holiday atmosphere and get relaxed.
Day 11 | Tropical Rainforest

International English Course

  • Public Transport
  • Morning: International English Course
  • Learn modern Australian lifestyle and dining culture

Cairns tropical rainforest

  • Afternoon: Go out to visit the tropical rainforest in Cairns.
Day 12 | Aboriginal Culture

International English Course

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: International English Course
  • Learn the Australian aboriginal culture and history and share the five thousand years’ history and civilization of China.

Learn the Australian aboriginal culture

  • Afternoon: Go out to learn the Australian aboriginal culture.
Day 13 | Cairns

Course graduation ceremony

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: Attend the course graduation ceremony.
  • Afternoon: Outdoor activity to experience the authentic Australian outdoor BBQ (barbecue) party.
Day 14 | Cairns

Departure from Cairns

  • By air
  • Return to your hometown with beautiful memories and look forward to seeing Australia again!

Characteristics of the Happy Study Tour on the Australian East Coast:

1. Foreign Experience

You will have the chance to experience Australia’s multicultural society and get to understand the Australian customs and its fabulous natural and cultural knowledge. Explore the aboriginal culture through close contact with the Sydney Opera House, the Blue Mountains National Park, the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical rainforest to enrich the spiritual world and develop an international perspective.

2. Stay with Australian Family with Zero-distance

We provide you with an English learning and living environment in a home-stay to help you improve your English, understand the Australian culture and education system, experience the family and social life in Australia and appreciate the beautiful scenes and multicultural society in Australia.

3. Be Enrolled in the Class of Mainstream Schools

You will communicate with buddies and the home-stay to get involved in oral English practice to improve your confidence of speaking English.

4. Enhance Interpersonal Communication Ability

You will stay with local family to share your story with the Australian family while experiencing the real life of the local people, and make foreign friends in Australia. Learn to love and tolerate in the course of shopping, dining and traveling together with the Australian families to improve your interpersonal communication ability.

5. Visit the Top 100 global universities

You will visit Sydney University, Australian National University and other 5 Top 100 global universities and experience the cultural deposits of the world’s famous universities to prepare for the possible future overseas study. Experience the Australian lively international classroom atmosphere in the study tour camp in Cairns to experience the life of “study in Australia” in advance.

6. Relax in the Happy Vacation

You will relax and have fun in this summer vacation. Make expedition in the tropical rainforest, dance with fish and turtles under the sea, wander around the Hyde Park, read about the Australian history in the museum and enjoy the beauty of art at the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

The fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation (every two students live in one Australian family/hotel room)
  • Expenses for meal (have breakfast at Australian family, and eat the cooked food at the school canteen for lunch, and sandwiches and hamburgers are prepared for outdoor activities.)
  • Expenses for activities (all the activities arranged in the program)
  • Local transportation expenses in Australia (airport transfer costs and the costs of visits in Brisbane)
  • The materials expenses for graduation certificate
  • International round-trip ticket costs
  • Australian domestic air ticket costs
  • International insurance
  • Visa fees and the cost incurred from visa

The fee doesn't include:

  • Passport fees
  • Personal consumption other than the offer.
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