Kindergarten College: Your first step to the greater world!


Kindergarten College: Your first step to the greater world!

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Itinerary Category: Family Camp
Days: Upon request
Reservation time: Book 2-3 months in advance

Prep Weekend: Day 1 | Preparatory Course

  • Children and Parents: Build your and your child’s global competence. Learn social etiquette and safety rules, master daily communication language, select ingredients , make simple western food and learn healthy and simple lifestyle.

Prep Weekend: Day 2 | Exploration of the Gold Coast

  • Learn about Australia, explore selected sites, listen to stories, learn about human activities in this land and explore the mysterious beaches.
  • Children:
    – Attend the welcoming ceremony
    – Make friends with local students
    – STEAM multi-curricular
    – Natural Exploration Project
  • Parents:
    – INNPWAYS Parental Course1
    – Attend the welcoming ceremony
    – Experience the school life
    – Take the walk on the beaches and community activities

Exploration weekend: Day 1 | Ecologist’s Day

  • Children and Parents: With ecologists, we explore the form of the beach and ocean management , understand the evolution and conservation of marine animals such as dolphins and manatees. We sailed out into the Pacific to look for whales.

Exploration weekend: Day 2 | Urban Exploration

  • Culture Square, Town Hall, take the ferry across the Brisbane River, visit the Storybridge and South Bank Park, explore Australia’s third largest city, experience the culture and education of the new world city.
  • Children:
    – STEAM multi-curricular
    – Natural Exploration Project
    – Grow up with the local kids
  • Parents:
    – INNPWAYS Parental Course2
    – Visit European-style towns
    – Take the walk on the beaches and community activities


  • Time: 9:00-16:00
  • Weekend Arrangement: We offer two-week completed preparation and exploration. Parents can make their own arrangements for the weekend.
  • After the class: We provide parent-child activity manuals and supplementary learning materials for children to use after school. To help parents establish a better parent-child relationship, strengthen and expand the learning content


  • 3-5.5 years of age


  • Quotation upon request
  • The fee includes: Upon request
  • The fee doesn’t include:
    1. International return flight tickets
    2. Visa application
    3. Australian domestic flight tickets
    4. International insurance fees
    5. Passport fees
    6. Personal expenditures


It is important to help children to learn about the world. Let them develop themselves, and form the qualities and habits that will be helpful in their life. They will learn English and skills together with their Australian friends. At the same time, they will cultivate the life-long qualities such as creativity and imagination, love and respect, etiquette and rules, cooperation and communication, and enjoy a sunny, happy and positive childhood.

“Learn-by-play” based on the natural environment

Combining Reggio and nature education, the theme activities of the National Curriculum in Australia are rich and colorful, based on the natural environment “Learn-by-play” as the core.

Diversified class –Let’s enjoy “learn-by-play”.

Teaching activities are mainly for STEAM and theme activities, including society, life and other aspects.

Enlighten children in cognition, science and art aesthetics, and develop language. In active learning, the child develops manipulative ability and concentration. In the interaction with other children, they learn how to observe the rules, express themselves and develop social contact and emotion.

Little nature explorer-learn courage and adventure

The little nature explorer project is an outdoor teaching activity, which led by a professional teacher. Children are encouraged to learn and appreciate nature, explore and take reasonable risks, recognize the importance of land and ecology in their lives, and learn how to live with the environment. The course lays the foundation for other areas, and all activities are risk-assessed to ensure the safety of children’s outdoor learning.

Art and sport-explore physical and mental health together

In the field of arts and sports, we have professional teachers. They help children develop a sense of rhythm and colour. Yoga and meditation as a way to relax the mind are a feature of kindergarten programs. It has been shown that the program is beneficial to children. Yoga in childhood encourages self-esteem and body awareness through non-competitive physical activities. It is easier for them to deal with life’s challenges.

A nurturing space filled with love and imagination

Teachers in kindergarten are same as parents. They understand each child’s different needs and their own ways of expressing themselves. They understand that every child has his or her own pace of development. Instead of blaming the child or helping him or her with a task, the teacher provides support when the child is in trouble.

They give the lead, play an important role for children and will be the part of children’s life. For children, teachers try their best to foster a relationship of trust and to help them feel secure. So children can easily learn to appreciate and appreciate positive language patterns.

Value-added Service

A selection of growth system courses

Preparatory Course: Learn about the differences in overseas life, social etiquette and safety and rules. Develop overseas living skills.

Cultivate Classroom: Understand the core of education, practice it, and be a smarter supporter and companion to your child in their life.

Learning Resource: We have professional learning resources to help our children better adept to an all-English environment.

Parent-child Classroom: Let’s take our passports and explore the blue sea, blue sky and beach park together. Experience the companion of foreign family and enjoy the happiness of companion.

Learning records and personal development reports

During the micro study period, we will record each child’s unique learning experience, observe each child’s overall development, and create a professional development report to help you understand your child . Give you a completed reference to your child’s learning.

Health, safe guard and our services

As a professional institution, in addition to providing a range of overseas services such as visa processing and accommodation, we also offer hotel-style apartments and lead you to experience local culture and life.

In addition to ensuring the safety and insurance of each project, we have many years overseas living experience and we can provide the security of studying and living for children and families at abroad. We will establish a good educational approach to help you build a more completed sense of health.

Tips and Declaration

  • Application deadline: 20th December 2019
  • Application should be made at least 12 school weeks prior to the Study Camp. However, it is recommended to lodge your application 4-6 months in advance.
    For example:
    Study Camp Jan/Feb 2020: Application lodged by July 2019.
    Study Camp Jul/Aug 2020: Application lodged by Jan 2020.
  • The above itinerary is for reference only. Final schedule will be confirmed by the Study Tour Manual. In case of actual flight sequence adjustment, flight delay, weather cause, natural disaster or other force majeure, the actual tour schedule will be adjusted.