Little Artist Experience Tour in Australia

Your journey of art is about to set sail; you are going to experience the urban culture.

Little Artist Experience Tour in Australia

Your journey of art is about to set sail; you are going to experience the urban culture; savor the Australian customs; experience the romantic rural ballad; enjoy the sentiment of jazz; appreciate the international voice.

Day 1 | Beijing

Travel by Plane

  • Gather at Beijing international airport and fly to beautiful Sydney, Australia.
Day 2 | Sydney

Sydney Tours

  • Visit the city of Sydney and experience its culture.
  • Morning: Arrive in Sydney, Australia’s largest city.
  • Afternoon: A tour in Sydney including visiting the 130 years old Sydney Town Hall, Queen Victoria Building(Q.V.B), the statue of the Queen of England, the circular quay in Sydney, and Australia Performing Arts Center. You also have an opportunity to visit “Sydney Opera House” which is also called the sail roof theater in the sea. If you also want to know the world’s first single hole arch bridge, you will see Sydney Harbor Bridge today which is an early Australian architectural masterpiece. It would be a great experience to wander around the “Hyde Park”, and visit Australia’s oldest religious buildings­­ the “St. Mary’s Church.”
  • Evening: You will go to Sydney Opera House to enjoy a ballet, opera or an orchestral performance.
Day 3 | Brisbane

International English Course

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: The home-stay will take you to the school in Brisbane. You will participate in the welcome party of the school and get a comprehensive understanding of the study tour.
  • Afternoon: International English Course
    • Follow the local custom, learn to communicate with Australians and adapt to the life of the homestay family.
    • Get to know about Australia and Brisbane.
    • Lean to talk about your own life, family and friends with the homestay.
Day 4 | Brisbane

Brisbane Tours

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: Visit Queensland Art Gallery, G20 Brisbane Summit and Southbank Park that was originally the address of The 1988 World’s Fair. Enjoy Brisbane city view from Story Bridge that is the most famous stressed ribbon bridge in Brisbane. Learn about the history of the state in Queensland Museum, wander around in the Queens Boulevard pedestrian street, and visit the St. Stephen’s Church.

Embrace Australia's unique animals

  • Afternoon: You will have a chance to embrace Australia’s unique animals.
  • Visit the world’s largest Koala Sanctuary – Lone Pine and watch animal shows. You will learn about the Australian featured creatures like kangaroo, and get the opportunity to take pictures with cute koala! Climb the mountain “Mt Cootha” at the sunset to get a bird’s eye view of the cityscape of Brisbane before returning to the home­stay.
Day 5 | Brisbane

Campus Practice Experience

  • Campus Practice Experience – Enter Queensland’s top art school for study, visit and exchange.
  • Morning: Campus Art Class
    Participate in classroom interaction with Australian partners to experience the local art class in Australia.

Art Exchange Activities

  • Afternoon: Art Exchange Activities
    Sing, dance, play musical instruments and paint with Australian buddies to share the happiness brought by music and art.
Day 6 | Gold Coast

Dream World Theme Park

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: Dream World Theme Park
    Dream World Theme Park is located at 18 km from the northwest of the Surfers Paradise and is Australia’s most famous “Disneyland” amusement park-style theme park. There are plenty of large amusement facilities in the park including the southern hemisphere’s tallest and fastest roller coaster as well as the Australian featured gold washing ancient town, mountains and villages, children’s playground and wildlife park, and you can also embrace cute koalas here and take photos with them as memento.
Day 7 | Brisbane

International English Course

  • Take a bus ride.
  • International English Course
    • Learn about the Aboriginal Australian musical instrument;
    • Learn the Aboriginal Australian dance;
    • Learn about the national flag and major cities of Australia;
    • Taste the Australian native traditional food:
Day 8 | Brisbane

Farmstay Camping

  • Farmstay Camping
  • Morning: You will know
    • “whip the horse on”;
    • “Australian aboriginal boomerang”;
    • “sheep-shearing”;
    • Australian morning tea Billy Tea & Damper!

Make delicious BBQ

  • Noon: you will get involved to make delicious BBQ with the assistance of the foreign teachers. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley while listening to the teacher talk about the farm’s history.


  • Afternoon: Doodling
  • There are groups of wild kangaroos living on the farm and at nightfall you may pick the paint-brush together to paint the kangaroo, the blue sky, the white clouds and lush mountains to take a record of these beautiful pictures with your brush and take them to your hometown.

Bonfire after dinner

  • You will take a “small train” to the bonfire after dinner. Explore the nocturnal animal world on the way; if the weather conditions permit, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Milky Way which could be seen only in the inland of Australia.
Day 9 | Brisbane

Farmstay Camping

  • Farmstay Camping
  • Morning: Horseback riding ranch at the camp.
    • Learn to communicate with the horse with the explanation of the camp teachers;
    • Learn the basic riding skills;
    • Jungle horse riding activities with camp teachers and farm cowboys.
  • Afternoon: Return to Brisbane.
Day 10 | Brisbane

International English Course

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: International English Course
  • The introduction of Australian traditional customs and living environment; you will learn modern Australian lifestyle and dining culture. Study the topic of the life and culture in China and Australia so that you will understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures and understand the significance of English as a language tool.

International English Course

  • Afternoon: International English Course
  • Learn how to communicate with peers, and share your life experience and hobbies with Australian students.
Day 11 | Gold Coast

Visit the Surfers Paradise

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Morning: Arrive at the “Surfers Paradise” and embrace the Gold Coast in nature. Experience the beautiful sunshine, endless white sand beaches, clear blue sea waters and the romantic palm trees and other subtropical views.

Surfing Course

  • Afternoon: Surfing Course
    • With safe facilities and professional coaches, you will participate in the surf courses in Gold Coast.
    • If you are unwilling to leave this beautiful sea, you can sit on the beach, picked up a brush and paint a picture.
Day 12 | Brisbane

China-Australia Friendship Art Exchange Performance

  • Public Transport
  • Morning: China-Australia Friendship Art Exchange Performance
  • You will participate in the “Little Artist Camp” to give your performances and this will be your stage. We will invite Chinese and Australian students’ parents and officials of Brisbane city to gather in the downtown of Brisbane to appreciate the art performances given by students of China and Australia and to share the pleasure of art.

Course graduation ceremony

  • Afternoon: Course graduation ceremony and you will receive the learning certificate. Let’s go shopping before returning to your hometown!
Day 13 | Brisbane

Departure from Brisbane

  • Take a bus ride.
  • Departure from Brisbane with beautiful memories and looking forward to seeing Australia again!

Features of The Little Artist Study Tour:

1. Your Journey Of Art Sets Sails

Listen to musicians’ performance in Sydney Opera House and listen to Australian Arts Schools share the rhyme of string music.

2. Experience The Urban Culture

Feel bustling Sydney, Brisbane’s beautiful Gold Coast passion.

3. Savor The Australian Customs

Visit Queensland Museum and Art Gallery, learn about the indigenous musical instruments Didgeridoo, and have close contact with koala and Kangaroo

4. Enjoy The Romantic Ballad

Experience the farm life, participate in paternity outdoor adventure and visit the Top 100 global universities.

5. Enjoy The Sentiment Of Jazz

Walk in the waves in Gold Coast, listen to saxophone, stroll in Hyde Park, and enjoy the sight at the Harbor Bridge.

6. Appreciate The International Voice

Music is borderless and shall be shared and the Chinese and Australian students and teachers will jointly participate in a concert on the Australian stage.

The fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Expenses for meal
  • Expenses for activities (all the activities arranged in the program)
  • Local transportation expenses in Australia (airport transfer costs, costs of visits in Sydney +Brisbane)
  • Costs of your language course graduation certificate
  • Costs of the China-Australia student friendship certificate

The fee doesn't include:

  • Passport Fees
  • International round-trip ticket costs
  • Australian domestic air ticket costs
  • International insurance
  • Visa fees and the cost incurred from visa
  • Personal consumption

According to the Guidance for Primary and Secondary School Students’ Overseas Study and Research Activities (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Education of China, the overseas study experience summer and winter camps organized by the Mind Education Group attach much importance to activities characteristics and the journey contains environmental protection, science and technology, humanity and culture, nature, history, literature, art, sports and other themed activities. In the organization and implementation of such activities, we actively implement the instructions of the official document of Steadily Promoting the Primary and Secondary School Students’ Study and Research Travels and create a China-Australia exchange platform for schools, students to and teachers, to enrich the curriculum content and social practices of primary and secondary school students and further enhance the exchange and friendship between Chinese and Australian primary and secondary school students.

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