Micro Overseas Study Tour

China-Australia Mind International Education Group carefully plans the micro overseas study course in Australia and provides the original study in mainstream schools or authentic international institutions of Australia, and we provides you with an opportunity of a four to eight months' study together with the students from Australia's leading mainstream private schools.

The Micro Overseas Study, will let you find a new self.

An English-speaking environment throughout the tour to achieve the desired effects that you may not have reached in many years of English teaching and learning in China
       Fully enhance your sense of language and get the practical English application ability.
Fully learn self-reliance to obtain the ability that you may not have acquired around the parents for ten years.
       Turn the vacation into a special experience for your personal development.
Learn international communication to attain the cultural recognition and identity that you might have not obtained at home.
       Develop an open way of thinking in a different cultural environment and obtain the ability for smooth communication.
It takes only four to eight weeks for you to gain the ability enhancement that will equip you for life.
       It will not only test the water of the life of overseas study in advance but also play an unpredictable role in your future life.
Visible Growth.
       Believe that your attitude toward English study will start to change from the first day you decide to join in the Micro overseas study tour in Australia.

Introduction of the "Micro Overseas Study" Course

I. The Course Schedule

Twice a year: start on any day from January to February with a total of four to eight weeks in Australia; start on any day from July to September with a total of four to eight weeks in Australia, and you will be enrolled in mainstream schools or authentic international institutions of Australia.

II. Teaching Method

You will go to school in Australia and respectively join in the classes of Australia's local students based on the arrangements of you and the Australia's course system.
You will study and stay together with outstanding Australian students and learn in small classes to enjoy the school's excellent learning resources together with the Australian local students.

III. Arrangements of the Course of Study

1. Formal curriculum:

Learn the knowledge of the seven areas stipulated in the curriculum standards: English, mathematics, science, technology, social sciences, arts, health and physical education.
Study The 30 Core Courses.

2. Various Extra-curricular Activities

Instrumental music program, musical journey, chorus, drama and musical drama, children's literary activities, horse riding, cricket, baseball, basketball, touch football, soccer, swimming, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, hockey, tennis, volleyball, rowing, track and field sports and cross-country long-distance running.

3. Personalized Gift Promotion Activities

Mathematics competition, history and science competitions, foreign language speech contest, the "Challenge the Future" competitions, sports contest, debates, public speaking, visual arts competitions, the moot court defense, dance and music contest, the "solve future problems", leadership and personal development course.

After you finish the micro overseas study courses and receive the graduation certificate issued by mainstream schools, we will arrange a short graduation trip for you to add a beautiful symbol to your study, life and tour in Australia and to make the most beautiful memories for you.

4. Cultivate Five Abilities

(1) Self-management ability: self-motivation, a kind of "I can" attitude; establish personal goals, set plans and develop high-level competence; help your understand who you are, where you're come from and what you are capable of.
(2) Social communication ability: have effective communication with various people in diverse environments.
(3) The thinking and cognitive ability: cultivate independent thinking consciousness to use an innovative, critical and thoughtful process to question some of the information, experiences and ideas to make them make sense.
(4) Language application ability: use and express the implication of the knowledge code in life.
(5) Teamwork: actively participate in various activities organized by the class and the mainstream schools.

IV. Accommodation Arrangements

Staying with a friendly family is an important experience and one of the learning places for the students. You will stay with the local friendly families that have cooperated with the mainstream schools for years, so that you will be able to have a deep experience of the original Australian life. In additional to providing daily meals and taking students to school, the friendly families will also help you learn English and western etiquette and explore the Australian native culture. When arranging the home-stay, we will take into account your individual needs, your hobbies, the sports and other factors. Friendly families are carefully selected and arranged by mainstream schools' staff and will become formal friendly families after detailed review, filing and interview by local police office and the authentication by lawyers.

V. Student Guidance System

(1) Help you prepare for visa (including completing the visa form, translating the whole set of visa application documents and delivering them to the Embassy).
(2) We will be fully meticulous and responsible for the content of the students' studying and living in Australia and provide the students with quality guidance.
(3) Make a written report to the students' parents.
(4) After you have got the visa, we will provide: training before the journey, distribute overseas activity book, help to arrange the application for a friendly family, airport pickup and accommodation, school registration, etc. Teacher Zhu, a counselor for Australia's international students, will be meticulous and fully responsible for the content of the students' study and living during their stay in Australia and provide quality guidance for the students.

VI. Application

Applicant Qualifications

o 12-18 years old students
o The students have already had a good foundation in English at home.
o The applicant shall be in a good health with ability to live on their own.
o Abide by discipline and have teamwork spirit.
o Love to learn and the best examinee applicant will be admitted.

Application Documents

o Application Form (fill in the required content according to the requirements of the form)
o School examination results (scores of the previous semester)
o Personal resume (must provide one resume in Chinese and one in English)
o Personal statement (including why you choose to participate in this program, in English please)
o Two recommendation letters from your classroom teachers (either in English or in Chinese)
o Health forms and proof of immunization as well as the written consent signed by your parents

Application Process

Step 1: Australian mainstream schools send out the international student application form.
Step 2: Receive the international student admission notice after the application is accepted.
Step 3: Apply for visa by virtue of the admission notice.
Step 4: Purchase air ticket after getting your visa.
Step 5: Welcome to beautiful Australia.

VII. Expense of the Program

For applications for different schools, the costs will be different as well; please contact the personnel of China-Australia Mind Education Group for further information.

The expense includes:
o Program application fee
o Tuition of the micro overseas study and relevant activities
o Accommodation in the local friendly family arranged by the school
o Airport transfers by school personnel
o School uniform provided by the school during the school time
o Laptops, textbooks and materials costs

The expense doesn't include:
o The round-trip air tickets from the departure point to Brisbane.
o The expenses for visa and medical examination.
o Other personal consumption.

Contact Information for Program Application and Consultation

Telephone number of the office in China :
Ms. Yang : +86 15536739966, liliyang@mindeducation.com.au
Ms. Yu : +86 18600397913

Telephone number of the Australian office :
Mr. Pascal : +61 ‎447180019 | pascal@mindeducation.com.au
Miss. Fan : +61 406179886 | estherfan@mindeducation.com.au

Please apply early as the number is limited.

Introduction of the Education in Queensland, Australia

The education quality of the primary and secondary schools in Queensland is internationally recognized and those schools provide quality education for all students. In this region there are quite a few famous private schools which not only have the leading educational quality but also have a very low ratio of non-native English Speaking student, therefore, its language environment for international students is better than Melbourne or Sydney, and the tuition is more favorable as well.

Queensland is located in the northeast of Australia and is Australia's second largest state in terms of area and ranks the third in Australia in terms of population. Due to its vast areas in tropical zone and the sunny weather in most days of a year, Queensland is known as the "State of Sunshine ". Summer there is warm and humid and the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees Centigrade in winter, which is very suitable for outdoor sports.

Introduction of Schools and Universities in Brisbane

Brisbane is the largest city and capital of Queensland with a population of 2.2 million and is Australia's third largest city and a thriving multicultural center. Brisbane also has the fastest population growth among all Australian capital cities. It has a pleasant climate and beautiful environment, and its inner city population density is lower than that of Sydney and Melbourne, and the cost of living is relatively lower and students and residents there have plenty of living space. There are five universities in Brisbane: University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, University of Southern Queensland and James Cook University; there are hundreds of public and private primary and secondary schools in Queensland. It has many high-quality public and private schools. It is a multicultural metropolis full of vitality and cultural tolerance.

Brisbane Grammar School

Brisbane Grammar School is a private boy's boarding school founded in 1868 and it is one of the oldest schools in Queensland. The school is committed to providing high quality academic programs for boys and developing life-long learners. It ranked the first in the college entrance examination of Queensland in 2014.

Brisbane Boys College

Brisbane Boys College was founded in 1902 and is committed to cultivating confident talents equipped with the ability to change the world. It has a pure school spirit and the best teaching achievements and has the lead in the scores of college entrance examinations every year, and it has kept the good style of the century-old famous college and is a star-school pursued by students and their parents.

St Aidan's Anglican Girls School

St Aidan's Anglican Girls School is a prestigious girls' school. The excellent results achieved by the students over the years are closely related to the small-class teaching system implemented by the school and the high proportion of modern teaching facilities enjoyed by the students. It ranks the first in Queensland at the NAPLAN national examinations.

John Paul College

John Paul College was founded in 1982 and is Queensland's largest private mixed school which provides the courses from preschool to the 12th grade. John Paul College's science & technology course is widely acclaimed and the school is the world's pioneer that integrates the information technology into its course.

Introduction of Schools in Gold Coast

Gold Coast, the second largest city of Queensland and the world-famous holiday resort, is located on the south of Brisbane with an hour's drive. There are three universities in Gold Coast: Bond University, Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) and Southern Cross University, and about 80 public and private primary and secondary schools.

Somerset College

Somerset College, founded in 1983, is a mixed boarding school designed to cultivate the exploratory spirit and the potential of young people. The college provides IB International Baccalaureate course for high school students (11/12th grade). It ranked the second in the college entrance examination of Queensland in 2014.

Saint Stephen College

Saint Stephen College is an independent school that accepts both boys and girls and it runs the courses from preschool to the 12th grade. The students of this school have made remarkable achievements in academics, sports, cultural and other fields. The school attaches great importance to training the students' perspective and tries to achieve this goal through the integration of the domestic students and the flourishing international students.

The Southport School

The Southport School is an Anglican boarding school for boys and is famous for its strong academic background and the comprehensive and detailed education methods. Its advanced courses include the development of leadership, emotional intelligence and thinking ability. The school has a large number of sports facilities; it also encourages the students to develop their artistic accomplishment.

St Hilda’s School

The school has been famous for its excellent achievements and beautiful surrounding environment. The school has a boarding history of about 100 years and accepts boarders from grade 6 to grade 12. The school has a total number of 1260 (from preschool to grade 12); 150 boarders (grade 6 to grade 12); international students account for about 4% of the total students.