Leadership Project for Outstanding Students in Primary and Secondary Schools

It is a recommended educational exchange program of the municipal government of Brisbane. The mayor of Brisbane will issue a "Chinese-Australian Students Friendship Certificate" to the outstanding students who participate in the activities and you will also receive the "Certificate of English Language Learning" issued by mainstream schools. Students will also have the opportunity to become a "China- Australia Brisbane International Student Ambassadors" to participate in more essential experience in Brisbane and to take a part in multicultural activities as a volunteer to assist the reception of official visiting delegation, especially the visiting representatives from Brisbane's sister cities.

The Leadership Project will let you discover a brand new self, which will be an outbreak of your inner strength and an all-round break-through of your comprehensive ability.

In this vacation, you will:

Break through the limitations of self and cultivate leadership in the team;

Break through the limitations of the classroom and cultivate leadership in the tour;

Break through limitations of thinking and cultivate leadership in practice;

Break through limitations of culture and cultivate leadership in culture shock;

Break through limitations of region and cultivate leadership in international exchange.

In the middle school student leadership special training institute, you and I will join in outdoor training, science and technology innovation contest, speech and debate group contests, the team community service activities together ...... let us help you to achieve your civil and martial virtues.

Day 1 Middle School Student Leadership Sets Sail
Leadership Lesson 1: Experience the Overseas Culture and Perceive the International Differences
Leadership Lesson 2: Visit Canberra, Capital of Australia to Feel the Western Politics
Leadership Lesson 3: Interpersonal Interaction and Communication
Leadership Lesson 4: Teamwork and Sustainable Development
Leadership Lesson 5: Interpersonal Communication, Teamwork and Sustainable Development
Leadership Lesson 6: Confidence, Innovative Mind and Sustainable Development
Leadership Lesson 7: Teamwork and Communication Ability
Leadership Lesson 8: Critical Thinking Ability and International Perspective
Leadership Lesson 9: Interpersonal Communication Ability, Confidence and Self-control
Leadership Lesson 10: International Perspective and Interpersonal Communication Ability
Leadership Lesson 11: Leadership Comprehensive Capacity
Leadership Lesson 12: International Perspective, Interpersonal Communication Ability and International Perspective
The middle school student leadership activities come to a successful conclusion.

Characteristics of the Outstanding Middle School Student Leadership Activities:

  "Cultivate leadership in the team". Participate in outdoor development training, teams of science and technology innovation competition, speech and debate group contests and teams of community service activities, to cultivate and exploit your leadership potential; create an aggressive teamwork spirit, and lay the foundation of the qualities that lead to success.

  "It is good to read thousands of books, and still better to travel thousands of miles". The knowledge in books is Limited, and only by travelling and seeing with our own eyes and hearing with our own eras can we greatly broaden our horizons and increase our knowledge and ability to see the world. In these activities we will travel to Australia's representative attractions and fully enjoy the spectacular scenery in Australia.

  "The Eastern culture and Western culture can be integrated". Both the Chinese culture and the Australian culture have their own distinctive features, and experiencing the diverse and interweaving Australian culture will not only expand your horizons but also broaden your mind, to enable us to become the pillars of society and national backbones that have both the Chinese soul and the international perspective. In these activities you can also listen to the wisdom of Australia's successful business persons and excellent research professors to get a deep understanding of the connotation of leadership qualities.

  "International perspective is formed during international communication". Make friends with Australian elites to feel the charm of the first-class high schools and colleges. To form your international perspective, the experiences and feelings in these activities are the most important ways.

What is leadership?

Leadership is not a concept, not a type of knowledge or a technology, but a type of action, wisdom and courage. As to how to cultivate a future leader, the middle school students' leadership special training will provide a scientific mode. The middle school students' leadership special training will provide the best leadership qualities promotion opportunity for each student through special trainings on many aspects of abilities of the student. Since ancient times, many heroes have made extraordinary achievements at very early age, and the victors of the future world may be among them.