Teaching In China Review

My name is Tricia and I am 45 years old. I decided to apply to teach in China because I was interested in experiencing a different culture than that of Australia. It is a valuable opportunity to travel and experience things that I would never experience in Australia.

I have now been in China for 4 weeks and I am loving it. My colleagues at the school have been very welcoming and supportive and the students are wonderful. They are so excited to have a foreign teacher. Everywhere I go, I have students saying ‘Hello’ to me. I was a teacher in Australia, and the transition to China has been quite easy. A lot of the teaching methods are very similar.

I have an apartment that is a 5-minute walk from my school. It has wonderful views of the area. I have already tried many new foods and I am slowly getting used to using chop sticks! I aim to learn some basic Chinese language so I can communicate with people on my own, but in the meantime, my guide from the company has been absolutely wonderful and my colleagues also help me. I would recommend teaching in China.

Anyone have questions, contact me by email address (tricabushnell@outlook.com).

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