TOP KiD Online English

Online learning, offline practice, diversified classes, interactive teaching, make kids fall in love with English here!

TOP KiD Online English is an online course jointly created by the senior education team of China and Australia. The perfect combination of immersive language teaching method, storybook teaching method and task-based teaching method will create an all-English interactive teaching for children, so that children can make the most of their language and improve their English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

TOP KiD Online English is of a wide range of contents and an impeccable system. Level A focuses on phonics and alphabet learning, Level B carries out the transformation of phrases and simple sentences, while Level C takes on subject as the theme and allows children to express themselves in the forms of long sentences and stories in English. Meanwhile, each class is equipped with songs, ballads, animations and storybooks, which are the classroom activities that stimulate children’s cognitive development the most.

TOP KiD Online English truly combines teaching into playing, allows children to learn through play, establish connections between sound, form and meaning and build a strong interest in English learning, in order to lay a solid foundation for English learning.

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