Overseas Teacher Training for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

China-Australia Mind Education, provides professional educational vocation promoting training for you.

Overseas Teacher Training for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

China-Australia Mind Education, provides professional educational vocation promoting training for you.

Take a part in the teacher training program of famous universities in Queensland!

Course Content

Second Language Teaching Methodology

Second language teaching methodology will help teachers learn about the latest English language teaching methods, and through the practice of these teaching methods it would enable the teachers to improve their understanding of second language teaching methodology in the self-reflective practice.

Get to know about the contemporary language teaching methodology and assess the teachers’ second language teaching methodology to help teachers reflect on the teaching methods and principles currently used, thus to help teachers use the latest language teaching methodology in Chinese classroom scenario.

Improve Language Skills

Language skills improvement includes: teaching of the elevation and changes of the English language and its variety, oral communication skills, listening and speaking skills, language awareness, vocabulary and grammar skills, and the analysis of common grammatical structure mistakes.

Help teachers understand the historical and social background of English as a language and use the latest English TV, movies, and publications as the study and research materials to solve the negative impact of the native language and second-hand information, and train the teachers with the most authentic English expression to cultivate real English thinking and expression.

Expand Cultural Horizons

Introduce the general educational condition in Australia, Australian family life, the Australian media, fashion & culture, colorful festivals, entertainment and leisure, sports athletes and major events, youth entertainment and the Australian youth today.

Create abundant opportunities for teachers to truly contact with and understand the Australian society, to enable them to truly go deep into the Australian society and the Australian cultural life by means of reading, visits and participation in daily social activities, to get the most authentic experience and accumulate large amounts of vivacious and living teaching material with purpose and targets, so as to use them in their own teaching.

Teaching Research Study

Teaching research study includes: visit mainstream schools, exchange with local teachers, join in the same class with local teachers and teach the Chinese language in mainstream schools to know about the teaching condition in Australia through observation and visits in mainstream schools;

Deepen the understanding and friendship by participating in the exchange between Chinese and Australian teachers and build up a teaching exchange relationship through Chinese and Australian teachers having a class together; deepen the China’s English teachers’ love for Chinese cultural by teaching Chinese class in local Chinese school.

English Teaching Skills Micro Classroom

Micro classroom is to demonstrate the teaching level of Chinese and Australian teachers. Chinese and foreign teachers will plan the lesson together and teach the lesson to each other to train the Chinese teachers to get a practical command over the effective teaching methods and techniques through practical exercises and discussions.

Micro classroom also provides teachers with opportunities to independently learn, search for, accumulate and use the individualized teaching resources; help teachers enhance their research capacity, and plan and organize medium-scale academic research activities; understand their peers assessment for them and make objective evaluation of their peers micro classroom.

Personalized Language Development

Personalized language development encourages the teachers to examine themselves from language learners so as to improve the ability to learn English strategies; it will analyze the teachers’ language proficiency, especially in listening and speaking.

Help teachers improve their English to the maximum degree by virtue of personalized language learning programs; develop an effective method according to the present level of teachers, to help them teach Chinese students.

In this training, you will:

  • Learn Australian education experts’ second language teaching methods;
  • Teachers will be trained with English thinking and expression by learning about the history and culture of western countries;
  • Visit mainstream schools in Australia and gain personalized language development in English ‘micro classroom’.
  • Advanced educational concepts, the latest educational technology, and an all-round comprehensive overseas experience opportunity.

Overseas teacher training is an important program for the personnel training of the education system, and an important content of international education. The program can plan different overseas vocational training courses based on the development characteristics of different schools and the demand for English teachers. For details of the program, we welcome your consultations.

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